Long Tall Ernie - Mining ship

Written by Berry Blue Eyes

Long Tall Ernie - Miningship

A bigass but agile ship with 62 drill heads. 9 large cargo containers and a life support system. It only needs a crew of one. But the captain of this ship needs to be an skilled one! Forward thrust is huge, brakes are not so much... so a collision with a rock causes damage if you approach to fast. The captain also needs to carry enough spareparts for regular maintenance.
Orecollection goes ridiculously fast !!

Realtime updating screen in the cockpit show you exactly what you are collecting and wich quantity you have.

Not the prettiest ship of the fleet, but a moneymaker for your faction!
Combined with a small fleet of Little Joe's, this vessel can mine for ever!


  • 160 Thrusters
  • 62 drill heads
  • 9 large cargo containers
  • Medicalbay + cryochamber
  • Molecular Transporter (mod)
  • MMaster LCD2 script